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La Fleur Speaking Engagements
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Jill started her career when wedding planning was not quite a "thing" yet. Wedding coordinators were just merely entering the field and over the years and now decades, Jill has built a reputation as one of the leading inspirational planners and designers in her field and around the world, gaining recognition as one of the top wedding planners in the world. She loves to inspire others to create their own journey in the industry and has over the years made a point to share her knowledge and recipe for success in a now over-saturated field to help others starting out or working to take their business to the next level. 

Click the link to learn more about her various audiences and inspiring topics/messages.

Jill is available to be booked as a motivational/inspirational speaker at your next event. She has presented to thousands of people of the years, including being the first Wedding Planner to be offered to speak at the photographer's conference WPPI to a sold-out audience,

 invited back a second time. She also presented at various world-famous photographer's workshops in the US and overseas, among many other engagements. Some of her most inspiring messages relate to:

*Living a life of balance

*Career coaching-taking your business to the next level

*Project management

*Finding your authentic voice

*Merging your gifts & passions to create a unique perspective and stand out in the crowd

*Staying relevant

*Branding & Marketing to find your perfect client

*Transitioning to your next career path, how to make that jump to your dream job!

*Moving your business from local to international-booking those Destination Weddings!

*Building community amongst your peers to achieve trust, connection, trust and success

*Finding the beauty in travel and cultures to bring into your designs

*Team building and inspiring-working with your vendors

*Building trusting relationships with your clients (and their families!)

*Achieving Grace & Calm under pressure

*Event production

*Five-star hospitality

*Hotel Management

*and More!

Her audience is a vast mix of business people and creatives in various stages of their career and as included but is not limited to:

*Wedding Planner Conferences/Workshops

*Floral Design Workshops

*Photographers Workshops (Jill is available for styling as well)

*Worldwide Event Industry/Hospitality Conferences


*Universities & High Schools

*Hotel Employees

*Pricing available upon request

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