La Fleur Mentoring & Styling

One-on-One Vendor Zoom Session

Offered by Jill La Fleur

Registration is open. Please request desired date and time of your call on the registration form.

Now offering 30 or 60 minute one-on-one Skype sessions with Wedding Planner/Designer Jill La Fleur focusing on any of the following and more, depending on your business needs:

  • The initial design process with a client including how to prepare an inspiration collage and then bring it to reality

  • The steps of planning a wedding from beginning to the day of

  • What to look for in recommended vendors and how to build and maintain those relationships

  • Best way to price/package your services

  • Marketing/Branding/Advertising

  • How to get published

  • Preparing a timeline of the wedding day

  • Sourcing for styling a wedding party or the wedding itself

  • Inspiration Shoot planning and publishing

  • Expanding your business or moving towards a higher-end market

  • Review of your website and packages/pricing to help you obtain a higher-end client and get noticed

  • All vendors…show your work and sales techniques and get personal feedback on how to attract that desired Planner/Client

  • Relationship Building… how this builds your business and keeps it coming year after year

  • Breaking into the Destination Wedding Market

  • And any other personal questions you have that will help your business grow… Jill is there to help!

Rates are $150 for each 30 minute session.

Only one vendor business per call. Calls are based on schedule availability.

Customized Monthly Mentorship programs/sessions also available. Inquire for pricing/details.