Super 8mm Florida Wedding Video by Lola Video

Super 8mm Wedding | Florida Wedding | Bella Collina | Jessica & Ben from on Vimeo.

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Spotlight: Mira Zwillinger 2013-2014 Bridal Collection


Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Adel-1 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Adel Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Alexa-1 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Alexa-3 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Angelina-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Angelina-detail Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Angelina Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Asheley-1 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Ashley Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Beatrice-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Beatrice Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Flora-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Flora Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Grace-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Grace Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Jade-1 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Jade Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Karina Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Karing Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Roxanna-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Roxanna Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Roxie-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Sira-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Sira Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Sophia-2 Mira-Zwillinger-Wedding-Dress-Collection-2013-2014-Ethereal-Bridal-Musings-Sophia

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Ojai Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty by Lacie Hansen!

When a whole troop of our favorite vendors put their expertise to use, the resulting wedding is a show stopper to say the least. Vendors like photographer Lacie Hansen who snaps a mighty fine image, designer Jill LaFleur and florist Camilla Svensson Burns who can mold rustic into something fresh and totally elegant and a backdrop like Ojai Valley Inn & Spa that was just made for wedding day feting. See so much more right here in the full gallery.


















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1 2 3 4 5 6 7


From the Bride… Zach and I met in passing in July 2009 at mutual friend’s going away party in San Francisco, where I lived at the time. Zach flew in from New York City to surprise his friend that evening, and he walked into the party just as I was preparing to leave. There was an immediate and undeniable spark, comfort and connection between us. We both felt it almost immediately. But the timing wasn’t right then for anything beyond conversation; so, we went our separate ways.

Just over a year later, our paths crossed again when I planned a trip to the Hamptons with girlfriends. I wrote to Zach to ask him where us girls should stay, play, eat and sun. After he gave me oodles of thoughtful advice, we continued writing and getting to know each other. A few weeks later, he asked if he could visit me in San Francisco. I was absolutely delighted by his offer, and one beyond expectations first date later, our bi-coastal romance was born!

Over the next seven months, we spent tons of time on the phone and shared several exciting weekend trips and holidays, together — our most romantic being Labor Day Weekend in Santa Barbara. That winter I became a rather adept traveler, honed my skill of functioning at a reasonable level without sleep, developed into a somewhat accomplished skier (due to my patient, understanding, talented and handsome instructor), and fell head over heels in love with my husband to be!

In May 2011, we decided it was time to close the gap and that I would move to New York to live with Zach. Four months later, I packed up my life and left my dearest friends and beloved California in search of true and lasting love in the Big Apple.

Thankfully, our transition from long distance to inseparable was more seamless than we imagined it would be. Despite the frantic pace of our lives in NYC, we quickly called one another our best friend and recognized what a profound blessing it would be to spend forever together. Zach proposed the following summer on the beach in Montauk (the most California-esque spot in New York), and the rest is history!

Zach and I fell in love with Santa Barbara area on our first weekend trip there together. We returned as a newly-engaged couple a year later, and we knew the moment that we stepped onto the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa property that it was the place where we would be married. The serenity, purity and natural beauty of the Ojai Valley brought me to tears when I first experienced it, and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We absolutely loved sharing its magic with our wedding guests!

Photographer: Lacie Hansen | Wedding Dress: Lazaro Couture | Florist: Camilla Svensson Burns | Ceremony Venue: Ojai Valley Inn & Spa | Reception Venue: Ojai Valley Inn & Spa | Bridesmaid dresses: Amsale | Wedding Planner: Jill LaFleur | Hair and Makeup: TEAM Hair and Makeup | Grooms shoes: Prada | Bride Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridesmaids Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar | Dj, Saxophonist & Pianist: Gavin Roy Presents | Earings: Haute Bride | Grooms Bowtie: General Knot & Co | Grooms Cufflinks & Studs: The London Silver Company | Grooms Tux: Brunello Cucinelli | Grooms Watch : Bell & Ross | Invitations and paper goods: Laura Hooper Calligraphy | Lighting and Decor: Ambient Event Design | Tote Bags: Toda Totes | Venue: Ojai Valley Inn And Spa | Videographer : Ram Hernandez | Wedding Rings: Michael F and Co. Jewelers

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Sneak Peak of Photo Shoot with Alea Lovely


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Honored to be apart of Sylvie Gil’s Workshop in the South of France!

So excited to be a part of this workshop in the charming countryside in the South of France with the talented Sylvie Gil! We are inviting an intimate group to join us, so register today! It’s going to be a memorable opportunity of a lifetime!!


Sylvie gil Workshop


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Spotlight: Vera Wang Fall Bridal Collection 2014

Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-1 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-2 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-3 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-4 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-5 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-6 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-7 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-8 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-9 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-10 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-11 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-12 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-13 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-14 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-15 Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014-Pictures Vera-Wang-Bridal-Fall-2014

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Spotlight: Lazaro Fall 2013

lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3350-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3351-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3352-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3353-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3355-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3356-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3357-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3359-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3361-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3362-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3363-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3364-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3365-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd0413-3366-front-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-001-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-003-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-004-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-005-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-007-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-008-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-010-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-011-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-013-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-014-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-015-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-016-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-017-df_vert lazaro-fall2013-wd109515-018-df_vert

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Spotlight: Pronovias Spring 2014

pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-051-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-066-df_vert

pronovia-spring2014-wd110174-004_vert pronovia-spring2014-wd110174-014_vert pronovia-spring2014-wd110174-018_vert pronovia-spring2014-wd110174-022_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-004-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-009-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-010-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-015-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-016-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-020-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-022-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-023-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-027-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-029-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-032-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-035-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-038-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-039-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-042-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-043-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-047-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-048-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-050-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-053-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-054-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-057-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-058-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-059-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-060-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-061-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-062-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-063-df_vert pronovias-spring2014-wd0513-064-df_vertpronovias-spring2014-wd0513-024-df_vert

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San Ysidro Ranch Shoot Posted on German Blog Hochzeifsguide!



Diese inspirierende Bilderwelt der Fotografin Brandi Smyth steckt voller Magie und ist so wunderschön und stilvoll.

Eine der traumhaftesten Locations in Kalifornieren, die San Ysidro Ranch war Kulisse für dieses märchenhafte Shooting.
Diese verträumte Ranch wurde in den Händen der fantastischen Wedding Plannerin Jill la Fleur zum Paradies.

Wir sind überwältigt von soviel Talent und Kreativität. Es gibt so viel Schönes zu entdecken, zB wurde die Papeterie mit Aquarellfarben handgemalt und mit Goldfäden genäht, oder der außergewöhnliche Schleier, der aus pastellfarbenen Bändern gefertigt wurde.
Und wir lieben die hinreißenden Brautkleider und den atemberaubend schönen Brautstrauß.

Wir können uns gar nicht satt sehen an diesen beeindruckenden Bilder von von Brandi Smyth – sie wärmen Herz und Seele.


san ysidro1-styled shootsan ysidro2-brautkleidsan ysidro3-brautmodesan ysidro4-brautpaarsan ysidro5-hochzeitspapeteriesan ysidro5a-brautpaarsan ysidro6-brautstrausssan ysidro7-brautkleidsan ysidro8-styled shootingsan ysidro9-brautpaar


FOTOGRAFIE: Brandi Smyth Photography
LOCATION: San Ysidro Ranch
BRAUTKLEIDER: Claire Pettibone
STYLING + DESIGN: Jill la Fleur – La Fleur Weddings
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Team Hair & Makeup
FLORISTIK: Simply Bouquets

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